PS Vita Missing UMD Passport program in the West

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@ February 23, 2012

It is known that Japanese buyers PS Vita their PSP games they have purchased on UMD, on the UMD Passport program register on PSN and so recharge the PS Vita. We will give this possibility does not, however, as Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida clarified now again: "The system was introduced in Japan, where a much higher demand for PSP titles there . "said Yoshida , "If you take a look Throw on the release list, you can see that in Japan continues many PSP titles will be published and announced.

Missing UMD Passport program in the West

Many people who want to try PS Vita like, are still at play PSP titles is interested, they may have purchased before Vita was published. " Another argument against such a program in the West called Yoshida partly very favorable PSN prices from us: "When you with the prices here compare, then PSP titles available in Japan at much higher prices, making the people the equivalent see if they invest an additional five to ten U.S. dollars in a digital copy. But when the games are sold in the U.S. at a lower price, we see little sense in it, so set up a system. The combination of the lack of new titles and the price difference led to the decision of the company ", stated Yoshida

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